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Lovina Real Estate - North Bali

At Lovina Estates BPI Bali provides access to prime Lovina Real Estate. Lovina is in the area of Buleleng, North Bali.

Kayuputih Hill Villa

image-1133.jpg Kayuputih Hill Villa

This North Bali Villa, located in the hills above Lovina Beach shows that a place in Paradise can be had for a very reasonable price.

The land size is 12,3 are or 1230 m2 and offers beautiful mountain and forest views. Located 10 Minutes from Central Lovina. 2 bedrooms and Hak Milik (freehold)

Villa Price : EUR 109.000

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Kayuputih Villa for Sale

image-80.jpg Kayuputih Villa for Sale

Gorgeous villa on 1600m2 of land. Great views over Lovina and Singaraja from the balcony and the pool. This villa has a guesthouse and sleeps 8 people in total. High quality building, completely furnished, ready to move in.

Price IDR 6 Billion (around EUR 380.000)

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Beach Villa Near Lovina

image-1092.jpg Beach Villa Near Lovina

Newly built, directly on the beach between two luxury hotels and close to shops and restaurants, a luxury and modern villa. The villa is built on about 5 km from Lovina beach, in one of the villages that make up Lovina.

The villa has 4 bedrooms, a living and three bathrooms. A separate room for staff.

Villa Price: EUR 320.000

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Unique Hillside Villa

image-1113.jpg Unique Hillside Villa

This villa is one of a kind. Located in a very quiet area in the hills of North Bali, yet close to Lovina Beach and Singaraja. The land size is 50 are, 5000m2 or 1,1 acre. The villa is built on a sloping area, overlooking rice fields and the ocean. An unique design.

Villa Price EUR 399.000

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North Bali Villa Taman Anggrek

image-915.jpg North Bali Villa Taman Anggrek

The villa of about 200m2 has an 80m2 living and a master bedroom with luxury bathroom and a guest bedroom. In the villa a modern kitchen and storage/laundry. In front of the villa a spacious terrace. In the garden a guest house, on the beach front a beach house and gazebo.

Villa Price EUR 324.000

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Villa Kilau North Bali

image-945.jpg Villa Kilau North Bali

Villa Kilau is located about 30 minutes from Lovina Beach, near one of the largest cities in North Bali. The Villa is build on almost 2700m2 of beach front land. The semi two storey Villa has 3 bedrooms, a large pool and garden.

Villa Price EUR 425.000

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Hidden Paradise

image-498.jpg Hidden Paradise

In North Bali, close to Seririt we have this "hidden paradise" for you. The paradise consists of two private villas on the same plot of land, each of a different design. Both villas are build recently. The price below is for both villas. Land size is almost 35 are (3500m2). 2 x 4 bedrooms. Licensed.

Price Two Villas: EUR 679.000

Now the villas are also available separately at prices of EUR 349.000 and EUR 339.000 !

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Kayuputih Land for Sale

image-1010.jpg Kayuputih Land for Sale

This 21 are plot of land has it all. About 300 degrees of view, almost like a house in the sky, but just a few minutes from Lovina Beach. Views over ocean, rice fields and even the mountains. It is a sloping piece of elongated land perfect for building a villa with pool. Private access road from the main road that leads from Lovina to the Damai Hotel.

Price: EUR 110.000

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Bukti Kedua North Bali

image-1048.jpg Bukti Kedua North Bali

About 20 minutes east of Singaraja we have this beach villa for you. The villa is built on 1500m2 of land, right on a solid beach wall. Ownership of this villa is Hak Milik (freehold).

The villa has in total 4 bedrooms, one of the bedrooms is in a guest house. The guest house has its own bathroom.

Price EUR 285.000

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Kubutambahan Beach Villa

image-1070.jpg Kubutambahan Beach Villa

Right on the beach, located between Singaraja and Air Sanih we have the beach villa for you. The main villa of about 230m2 has 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms and a large covered terrace. Also on the property a guest house with on bedroom, bathroom and little kitchen. Very wide beach front, and 20 are (2000m2) of Hak Milik (freehold) land.

Price EUR 295.000

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Ernani Villa North Bali Luxury Property

image-994.jpg Ernani Villa North Bali Luxury Property

Large and very private Beach Villa for Sale on the Gold Coast of North Bali. The (currently foreign held) villa is build on 45 are of land, of which 7 are is used as a marina. The Villa is located just 10 minutes from Lovina Beach. On the property; the main villa, a 2 bedroom guest house and a 2 bedroom beach house (Lumbung).

Villa Price: On Request Only

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Jaygee Villas North Bali

image-882.jpg Jaygee Villas North Bali

The Jaygee villas are two villas on one land plot. Both villas can be operated totally independent and each has its own pool, but are currently in use as residential villa (owners villa) and rental villa.

Villa Price: EUR 675.000

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Lovina Villa Indahsaja for Sale

image-843.jpg Lovina Villa Indahsaja for Sale

The Villa in the area of Lovina (Kaliasem) has been build in a secluded area. Very private, but just a 10 minutes away from Lovina, the shops and restaurants. Total land size is 59 are (5875 m2), almost 1,5 acre. Roof size of the villa itself is 340m2, while total area of the villa including all buildings is 745m2. The villa has 3 bedrooms.

Villa Price: EUR 412.500

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Luxury Villa Anging Gunung

image-813.jpg Luxury Villa Anging Gunung

A large villa (625m2) on a large plot (65 are , 6500m2) of land in the Hills above Lovina Beach, North Bali. The villa has been build with privacy in mind. The villa can have a total of 5 bedrooms. Designed by a Dutch architect. Currently held by Dutch citizens, ownership is Hak Milik (freehold).

Villa Price: EUR 895.000

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Rumah Baru North Bali

image-774.jpg Rumah Baru North Bali

A Villa in North Bali with one of the best views (if not THE best). Views over the Bali ocean and rice paddies in front and the Bali mountains in the back. The two bedroom villa is build on 20 are of Hak Milik land with another 20 are leased in front of the villa for a tennis court and massage pavilion.

Villa Price EUR 399.000

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Bukit Kayu - Kayuputih Bali

image-714.jpg Bukit Kayu - Kayuputih Bali

A nice villa in the hills above Lovina, Kayuputih. The villa has views over the ocean an overflow swimming pool and 5 bedrooms. In total there is 260m2 living space. Build on 11.6 are of land. An open kitchen, lounge and dining next to the pool.

Villa Price: EUR 295.000

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Mahavira Beach Villas North Bali

image-691.jpg Mahavira Beach Villas North Bali

The two storey villas offer space for up to 28 people in groups. The buildings on the property are the two main villas of about 475m2 each and an extra guest house. The current owners had just one goal in mind, to create a very luxury and tropical paradise, and they succeeded in style. The property size is 42 are (1 acre or 4200m2)

Villa Price: EUR 1.300.000

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Kayuputih Villas for Sale

image-641.jpg Kayuputih Villas for Sale

2 beautiful villas with views over ocean and valley on the Kayuputih hillside, close to Lovina. Total build up area about 670 m2, land size 1650m2. High quality buildings, with many rooms, 5 bedrooms total, spa, two Jacuzzi's. Office and large parking.

Villa Price: EUR 638.000

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Villa Sinar Bulan North Bali

image-578.jpg Villa Sinar Bulan North Bali

One of the largest private properties in North Bali, a private villa on 75 are of beach land. Large main villa and guesthouse, rich garden.

Villa Price: On Request

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Villa Tangu for Sale

image-405.jpg Villa Tangu for Sale

This four bedroom villa is located on a small distance from Lovina Beach in North Bali. It has an unique design. Please look at all the pictures, the movie and the Virtual Tour.

See: Villa Tangu for Sale

Price EUR 595.000

Kalibukbuk Hillside Villa

image-363.jpg Kalibukbuk Hillside Villa

A truly unique spot with rice paddy and ocean views in the hills above Lovina. Two bedrooms, furnished ready to move in. If you like a quiet spot, while near to Lovina Beach, this is it.

Price EUR 175.000

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Villa Bukti Laut North Bali

image-1030.jpg Villa Bukti Laut North Bali

Right on the beach, build (almost) on top of a secure beach wall we have this beautiful 3 bedroom villa for sale. The Villa is build in a lush tropical garden, the land size is 11 are (1100 m2)

Price: EUR 249.000

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North Bali Beach Front Villa for sale

image-290.jpg North Bali Beach Front Villa for sale

On just a few minutes from Lovina Beach (North Bali) we have a 4 (or 5) bedroom villa for sale. 3 bedrooms in the main villa and a convenient guesthouse (with attached) garage has another bedroom. The wooden guesthouse has a 5th bedroom (currenlty not in use). Building permit and Hak Milik certificate.

Villa Price: EUR 289.000

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Kalibukbuk House for Sale

image-48.jpg Kalibukbuk House for Sale

In the hills above Kalibukbuk, Lovina - North Bali we have this beautiful house for you in a rural part of Bali. The house is build in a large green garden (17.75 are, 1775m2) has a guesthouse and a cool pool. Unpretentious house for those who love the Bali life.

Price 195.000 EUR

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North Bali Villas

North Bali is different form other areas of Bali. It is located about 2,5 hrs from the international Ngurah Rai airport. Because of the location of North Bali, property prices in the North are lower then they are in the south of Bali. Things will change for North Bali however, because a new airport is planned in the area of Kubutambahan. Still, real estate prices are low, and it is possible to aquire (beach) properties in the North for much lower prices than in the South of Bali. Of course economy is growing in the North of Bali as well, but traffic is not as busy as in other places of Bali.

People appreciate the North of Bali because of the rural characteristics, and it comes much closer to the idea of "The Real Bali" as other places in Bali. Many private villas in North Bali are available for holiday rentals as well, and villa owners see a good return of investment on their real estate.

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